"Trocadéro Days" by Pontus Alv : Converse Skateboarding

Converse Skate Ambassador Pontus Alv had the idea to make a little film about cruising around Paris with a jump ramp and a couple of plates, inspired by 1989 and the Converse CONS CTAS Pro Skate sneakers.

This era of skateboarding means so much as it was when street skating really broke though; it ripped out of California and spread around the world like wild fire. It created the foundation for what skateboarding is today.

This film is a celebration of that time. It inspired us. We hope it inspires you. Go build a jump ramp and explore.

Alongside the film is a special edition newspaper also titled, Trocadéro Days. It features more photography by Nils Svensson, illustrations by Pontus Alv and interviews with the other Converse Skate Ambassadors that were part of this project. Look out for it in all good Skate stores across Europe.

“I think we have lost a lot of rad elements from the past. Back when I was a kid, we all had a jump ramp outside our house. We painted that and our grip tape and expressed ourselves in so many ways. I miss those days and I miss those details.” – Pontus Alv

“It was cool for a week, but lugging those things around soon gets annoying. One time I accidentally left the sad plate on the platform at the station and we jumped on the train without it. When I saw it going in the opposite direction I was secretly stoked… until Pontus asked me to go and get it.” – Jerome Campbell

“Skating in Paris is hard sometimes, especially if you care about the way people look at you. But this time it was different. The plates puzzled people, and I think it made them think differently about skateboarding. They were interested.” – Kevin Rodrigues

If you want to see more work from Pontus and his crew you can follow them at instagram.com/polarskateco.

Jerome Campbell Shoots Through - Photo by Nils Svensson

Pontus Alv and Harry Lintell Wallride - Photo by Nils Svensson

Pontus Alv Filming - Photo by Nils Svensson

Hippy Jump - Photo by Nils Svensson

Jerome Campbell Backside Smith - Photo by Nils Svensson

Kevin Rodrigues Wallride Beanplant - Photo by Nils Svensson

Kevin Rodrigues Wallride Grab - Photo by Nils Svensson

Pontus Alv filming Vincent Touzery - Photo by Nils Svensson

Vincent Touzery Wallride - Photo by Nils Svensson

Posted on: 5 Sep 2013


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