Weekend Affair "I Walk Alone" : Converse Avant Poste

Weekend Affair kicked off Converse Avant-Poste on Sept 12th: a long-term celebration emerging talent in Paris. Staged at Café Charbon on Rue Oberkampf, a local institution that has been attracting nocturnal Parisians for more than a century, Converse Avant Poste will feature weekly gigs and regular films of the most exciting new talent from the city. Stay tuned to Converse YouTube for more coming soon.

Track: “I Walk Alone” by Weekend Affair

Posted on: 30 Sep 2013


Cloud Nothings play "Stay Useless"

Cloud Nothings play "Stay Useless"

Before they took to the stage at Pitchfork festival in Paris, Cloud Nothings hopped on the Converse bus to play this special Takeaway Show. Track: “Stay Useless”. Stay tuned to Converse on YouTube for the rest of the series, featuring …

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